These are exciting times for Mobile innovation and now more than ever, the possibilities are endless.  From marketing to customer engagement, Mobile technology is taking over how we do business and now is the time to pay attention. Here are a few trends that we are especially excited about:



Mobile Banking Innovations are on the rise

If you’ve been wondering about how Mobile solutions can impact your company, take a look at what banks are doing right now. According to Forrester Research banks are setting aside a significant portion of their budgets to Mobile initiatives.

Why? More and more, customer interactions are made on mobile devices and consumers are demanding innovations that make life on the go more stress-free and convenient. Paying bills, buying theater tickets, loaning a friend a few bucks, these are now no longer limited to desktop computers or face-to-face interactions. Now more than ever businesses need a mobile presence in order to keep up with the competition and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Facebook Provides an Excellent Model for Mobile Click-Through Marketing

Facebook is at the forefront of social media, so it only seems natural that they would carve the path for socially engaging ads via Facebook Sponsored Stories for mobile marketing. Like their desktop counterpart, Sponsored Stories for Mobile engage the user with social information inherently built in. The exception however is that the ad real-estate allocated to mobile ads is much larger in the mobile News Feed. The success in Facebook’s mobile strategy is evident in the CTR which is higher than their desktop figures. Combine that with the fact that Facebook offers mobile ads at lower costs, and you can start to see why Facebook is going to be worth paying attention to over the next few years.

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