MS Application Support Analyst/Engineers need for European based project 3-5 immediate openings

The Challenge:

Our European client is in the process of bringing all their IT infrastructure and application support in-house and transitioning from a global IT outsourcing vendor. In this transition, there is an immediate need to add several highly skilled engineers to assist them in this transition including discovery, documentation, and technical support of their IT and business applications.

We have been asked to expand the initial team and add several experienced application support staff to pick up where the outgoing global outsource vendor has left off. This effort is being led by an x-MS Senior IT Manager from Redmond.

Our goal is to expand the team for several months and troubleshoot, problem solve, tweak, document and cross train the local IT staff.

Technical Skills:

· Experienced Microsoft centric Application Support Engineers with demonstrated experience supporting a variety of Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, .Net, C#, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, web services, ADO.

· Experience in troubleshooting or reverse engineering business applications that lack detailed documentation.

· Technically comfortable to work in an ambiguous or transitional IT environments.

· Skill and willingness to document solutions and architectures

· Width and depth in enterprise scale IT application knowledge

· Candidates that have experience supporting business applications onsite at Microsoft Corporation, such as ITG, MSIT, BUITs, etc. are encouraged to apply. This is an ideal job for candidates on their a- (“A” dash) 100 day break in service rule

Personal Skills:

  • Problem Solving and willingness to share their knowledge / mentor
  • Teamwork (no lone wolfs)
  • Mature and comfortable working with ambiguity

Additional Requirements & Details:

  • US or Canadian passport holders or citizens only. Passport must be valid through June 2013
  • Pay rate range is $24.50 to $36.60/hr depending on experience
  • Initial project is for eight weeks.
  • Client workday typically starts after 9AM
  • Hotel, round trip airfare, and meals (per diem) are client paid
  • The IT division speaks English, not secondary language skill is needed.

Send current resumes to Barry O’Brien,



Mobile Developer – HTML 5

We are looking for experienced HTML 5 developers that can provide innovative solutions.   The resources we look for have the ability to learn new APIs quickly and work within a check-in/check-out environment/team software development environment. An example of a successful candidate would be able to access an API, download required resources online, install relevant required run-time and SDKs, code, test, show, move forward.

Our software development candidates need to possess the ability to write software, comment key areas of code, create install packages and ensure our UI Design Team is able to apply CSS and aesthetics to the applications that meet grueling UI requirements.

Our preferred candidate must possess the following skills:

Software development languages:

  • C#
  • HTML, XML and basic CSS experience

Software applications & platforms:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and higher
  • Microsoft Visual Studio TFS (Team Foundation Server)
  • Microsoft Silverlight

The following additional skills are a plus, but are not mandatory:

Software development languages & applications:

  • HTML 5
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad) 5.0 or higher

Software applications & platforms:

  • Apple xCode 4 or higher
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server API
  • Windows Azure API
  • Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA API)
  • Microsoft Lync Server SDK
  • Microsoft Lync Client SDK

Most, if not all software development resources can work from any location and/or from home without set hours or specific dress code.

If you are interested, send your resume to