As city manager you wear many hats. You are charged with developing a budget, providing services to the community and serving at the will of your council. So why would you attempt to entertain the notion of IT branding?

An article posted by the ICMA about community branding offers some sage advice, ‘The brand must be represented in your community’s architecture, in its events and attractions, in its public art and signage, in the aesthetic overlays to development and redevelopment, in the attitudes of residents and public servants, in the community’s approach to entrepreneurs, and in its educational offerings. In other words, your community must do more than advertise its brand; it must wear it like a second skin.’

Furthermore, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

1. What is your community’s image? Internally & Externally.

2. Do you have full-time communications staff? Do you have full-time IT staff? Contract IT staff?

3. Is your council’s vision for the future of the city clear to the general public and staff?

The questions above are necessary to answer in order to begin to understand what direction(s) your city is going.

*Next week we will delve even further into IT and your city.*four-key-components-it-brand6