Last week we began exploring IT branding for your city.

“An article posted by the ICMA about community branding offers some sage advice, ‘The brand must be represented in your community’s architecture, in its events and attractions, in its public art and signage, in the aesthetic overlays to development and redevelopment, in the attitudes of residents and public servants, in the community’s approach to entrepreneurs, and in its educational offerings. In other words, your community must do more than advertise its brand; it must wear it like a second skin.”

So how does one explore IT Visioning?

One simple way is to develop and maintain IT and an IT support environment that is secure, stable and reliable within a dynamic environment

This vision supports your city’s goals; aids the rapid implementation of robust, cutting-edge technologies which strengthen the city’s operations; attracts citizen participation and retains quality staff. Apply information technologies to remove circumstance and location barriers.

* More to come!*