One of your most basic questions for you as ultimate decider of purchasing decisions, “Whom should I hire?” The question requires an answer no matter the service required.

As we continue to our City Manager series, we address contract IT staffing and how doing so will address your bottom-line. Know that we at Tuxedo Technologies pride ourselves on connecting you to the best IT contract experts available. To help you with your decision we have compiled a few pros and cons for you to consider when hiring IT contract staff.


- Reduced Overhead: The attraction of hiring an independent contractor is the reduced costs in: expenses, payroll, benefits, and other overhead. Lower overhead means less stress to bring in new business revenue to cover costs.

- Work On Demand: Hiring an independent offers flexibility to the changing work demands of your company. You have the ability to take added opportunities as they arise, and during slow periods, have greater cost control. Your contract workforce often comes fully trained and highly specialized.

- Lack of Control: Part of what makes a contractor independent is their ability to choose the control over the work performed. Contractors may have additional projects and may have less commitment than an employee.

- No Fixed Rates: You may find the perfect independent contractor to work with but the rates charged can vary by project and overall market demand. With an employee you can usually set the pay rate until the next review date.