Apps, Open-Source, Cloud computing, the list goes on and on. As a city manager your interest is to serve the community you were hired to manage. So how do you streamline city services while producing the best outcomes? And how do you do this in regards to IT?

At Tuxedo Technologies, we have developed a points for you to consider:

  • Reduced costs and improved capabilities - IT service minimization (rapid cost reduction), optimization (getting the most from current operations), and redesign (strategic and structural cost reduction leading to competitive advantage).

  • Flexible IT systems, to accommodate new technologies and changing needs (from Time Warner Cable) -• The migration from TDM to IP. Businesses are looking for increased flexibility, scalability and value, and moving from time-division multiplexing (TDM) to Initiation Protocol (IP) applications helps them achieve that. Traditional services such as voice and conferencing can now be run over IP infrastructures, thus simplifying integration, enhancing communication and improving interactions.• An increase in mobility. With more companies employing mobile workers (people who work on the road) and teleworkers (people who work from home or some other remote location), there has been an increase in wireless applications. These applications allow employees to be more productive and more collaborative, regardless of where they may be working.• The emergence of managed services. With companies now able to get more bandwidth, flexibility and scalability due to the migration from TDM to IP, we’re seeing an increase in mobile managed services, such as storage, messaging and security.