In the world of business, knowledge is the most powerful asset your employees, customers, and partners can leverage. The ability to connect the right people with the right knowledge is critical to your business success.  Your business will run exponentially better when you provide talented individuals with access to premium knowledge.  Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management allows you to manage your knowledge resources and make your knowledge assets accessible and reusable to the enterprise.

We just released the knowledge management diagnostics for Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management.  Tuxedo’s Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Management diagnostic tool provides an overview of the core management capabilities that are critical to building a world-class knowledge management function. This diagnostic tool is designed to help those responsible for their company’s knowledge management to:

  • Map their knowledge management effectiveness against a set of world-class peers
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise 2.0 organization
  • Pinpoint and prioritize the key areas of improvement

Not sure how to diagnose your current situation? Download our ENTERPRISE 2.0 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT DIAGNOSTICS, which will walk you through the essentials of implementing world class knowledge management for your enterprise.