Fiscal Yearly Planning and Reviews
FY PLANNING AND MONTHLY ACCOUNTABILITY REVIEWS: In order to ensure you’re on the right track, Tuxedo will work with you to establish a fiscal year planning rhythm and accountability review of your budget and programs which will result in the optimization of your  business operations.
Portfolio Management
PORTFOLIO TRACKER: Tuxedo will provide you with the tools to enable you to track the progress of all of your portfolios, all in one place using common portfolio management frameworks.
Executive Communication
EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION PLATFORM: Tuxedo will facilitate communication and marketing programs to communicate the change and the related progress. With our methods, you’ll have critical insights into all  major branches of communication needed to ensure a successful transition.
Budget and Forecast
BUDGET AND FORECAST MANAGEMENT: Keeping your business on track is always a priority, let us help manage budgets and forecasting across all your stakeholders to make decisions quickly and efficiently.
Business and Insight
SCORECARDS AND REPORTS MANAGEMENT: Find out how we can help you centralize your scorecards and reports through the consolidations of program functions.