We just launched 2 new consulting practices to meet the marketplace demand.

  • Business Change Excellence – Business transformation is on everyone’s mind. Tuxedo has excelled in delivering end-to-end change planning and execution for many different companies. Our new practice will focusing on helping our customer to lead theirĀ business transformation with a customĀ change program to enable adoption and embrace the intended outcome even faster. Here are 3 areas where our clients can implement change leadership programs and achieve their business results faster:
    • Mobile Transformation
    • Cloud Deployment
    • Strategic Initiatives such as Improving Sales Incentive, Delivering One Global Knowledge Management, 360 Marketing
  • Business Management Excellence – Optimizing resources, time and money with business insights across all the business functions is a key goal for every executive. Tuxedo has developed new methodologies and strategies to help with resource and process consolidation.

If you are embarking on a business transformation or optimization initiatives and would like Tuxedo to do a quick assessment, please contact us.