Right now, there are a lot of key players in the Mobile arena but right now, Starbucks in particular caught our attention. They have shown that knowing your customers is just as important as innovation and ingenuity for executing mobile campaign.
Starbucks has a clear track record for leading the way in mobile. The latest mobile strategy by the coffee giant suggests that isn’t about to change anytime soon.

Scenario: Increase awareness for the RED initiative that aims to fight AIDS while gaining visibility for users who are new to using mobile apps in conjunction with their Starbucks purchases.

Solution: In partnership with Foursquare, Starbucks developed a campaign in which consumers check-in using their Foursquare app. For every check-in Starbucks donates $1 towards fighting AIDS. Since this campaign centers on in-store activities, Starbucks promotes this campaign right where it counts, in the store itself.

Why it works: Starbucks implemented 3 core strategies – Engage Customers, Partnering and Advertising through Insights
1. Customers leave the store feeling good about their purchase and are likely to associate that feeling with Starbucks moving forward.
2. By partnering with Foursquare, Starbucks is also leveraging a widely used app that in turn provides critical data with insights into mobile marketing and its effect on in-store traffic.
3. Consumers like to participate, and this mere fact will be sure to drive in-store traffic.
4. Advertising the campaign at key checkpoints within the store ensures visibly right when it counts. Who doesn’t have time to check-in while waiting for their latte?

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